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Leaving the Buckingham Palace
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Mr. Koizumi is interested in linear modeling
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Vitae of Alexander I. Nosich

IRE NASU, vul. Proskury 12, Kharkiv 61085, Ukraine
Tel: +380-(57)-763-4382 Fax: +380-(57)-315-2105
E-mail: anosich [at]
Research professional with over 40 years of work in analytical treatment and computer simulation of electromagnetic wave propagation, scattering, and emission. IEEE Fellow. OSA Fellow. DHC from Universite de Rennes 1. Winner of ICO Galileo Galilei Medal and National Prize of Ukraine. H-index = 41 by Scopus, 45 by Google. Has experience of teaching in English at undergraduate, graduate and mostly postgraduate levels. Organizer of and speaker at international conferences. Ukraine's delegate at the major European professional associations related to electromagnetics. Long-term IEEE volunteer.

1978+ Institute of Radio-Physics and Electronics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Junior (1979), senior (1982), leading (1994), and principal scientist (2009+). Head of Laboratory of Micro and Nano Optics (2010+). On leave in 1992-1994, 2010 and 2022-2023.
1992+ A number of visiting professorships and guest scientist fellowships, of the duration from one to 18 months, at Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey; Kumamoto University, Chuo University, Tokyo and Gifu University, Japan; Politecnico di Torino, University of Siena, Italy; Universite de Rennes 1, ENS de Cachan, France; University of Seville, Spain; National University of Singapore; Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany; University of Nottingham, UK; Technical University of Denmark, and other establishments
1975-1978 Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Junior research scientist (part time)

2005 Title of Professor, Ministry of Education and Science, Ukraine
1990 Doctor of Science Degree in Radio Physics (higher doctorate earned through research), Kharkiv National University & USSR Higher Qualification Commission
Thesis title: Excitation and Propagation of Waves on Cylindrical Strip and Slot Lines
Official reviewers: B.Z. Katsenelenbaum, A.S. Illinsky, and N.A. Khizhnyak
1985 Title of Senior Scientist, USSR Academy of Sciences
1979 Ph.D. Degree in Radio Physics, Kharkiv National University Thesis title: Electromagnetic Characterization of Non-closed Circular Cylindrical Screens
1975-1978 Ph.D. Student, Kharkiv National University
1970-1975 Student, School of Radio Physics, Kharkiv National University. Diploma in Radio Physics (equivalent to combined B.S. and M.S. degree)

- Application of the Method of Analytical Regularization (MAR) to numerically exact solution of wave scattering and propagation in open geometries,
- Application of the Nystrom algorithms to solving the electromagnetics integral equations,
- Development of mathematical foundations of open waveguide theory; solution existence in the space and transform domains; radiation condition in the presence of open waveguide,
- Development of the Lasing Eigenvalue Problem for extracting the thresholds of lasing from the electromagnetics boundary-value problems for open resonators with active regions,
- MAR-based investigation of "warm" models of microcavity lasers such as WGM microdisks and deformed shapes; VCSELs with DBRs and uniform and periodic active regions; photonic molecule lasers; plasmonic nanolasers,
- MAR and Nystrom-method based modeling of plasmon-assisted scattering by noble-metal gratings of strips and wires,
- MAR-based modeling of dielectric-slab mode scattering from inhomogeneities; whispering-gallery-mode effect in dielectric resonators,
- MAR-based study of complex modes on circular cylindrical, generally layered, microstrip and slot lines; losses and characteristic impedances,
- MAR and Nystrom-method based analysis of quasioptical reflector and lens antennas fed by the Complex Source-Point beams; radome-covered, imperfect, and edge-loaded reflectors; flat earth effect on reflector antenna radiation,
- MAR-based study of circular-disk antennas printed on flat and spherical substrates; directivity and efficiency of radiation,
- MAR analysis of wave scattering and absorption by resistive, impedance and material screens and gratings,
- MAR analysis of the scattering by 2-D screens and cavity-backed apertures; suppressing RCS resonances by material loading; investigation of the low-frequency TE-resonance.

1996+ International Fellowships, Awards, and Mobility Grants to the supervised Ph.D. students and postdocs: IEEE MTT-S (1997-2,2000,18,23), IEEE ED-S (2005), IEEE AP-S (2007,10,12,18,22,23-2), IEEE PH-S (2021), SUMMA (1996,99), RS-NATO (2000), TUBITAK-NATO (2001), INTAS (2002,05), IVF (2007,09,12-2), ESF (2010,11-3,12-3,13,14,15), Rennes-Metropole (2013), TICRA (2014,20,22), TUBITAK (2014), CFE (2016), PAUSE (2022-2,23-2)
1989+ Guiding and supervising successful M.S. (5) and Ph.D. (15) theses in Ukraine, Turkey, Japan and France
1993-1994 Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Japan. Course titles: Complex Analysis, and Advanced Methods of Diffraction Theory
1992 Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. Course titles: Electromagnetic Theory, and The Scattering of Waves

Brazil: U. Brasilia (2017)
China: Vacuum Electronics Res. Inst. (1992), Tsinghua U. - Beijing (1992), Harbin Inst. Technology (1992), Shanghai U. Science and Technology (1992), Southeast U. - Nanjing (1992), Zhejang U. - Hangzhou (1992), Guangzhou U. (1994)
Croatia: Zagreb U. (1997,99,2001,07,13)
Czech Republic: T.U. Ostrava (2001), I. Photonics and Electronics ASCR - Prague (2010)
Denmark: Denmark T.U. - Lyngby (2007,12,16), TICRA (2007,16)
France: U. Rennes 1 (1996,2002,09,15,17), ENSTA - Paris (1998), ENS Cachan (2009,11,12,13,15)
Germany: T.U. Darmstadt (2003)
Greece: National T.U. Athens (1991), Democritus U. Thrace - Xanthi (2004)
Italy: U. Florence (2000,02), U. Siena (2000,02,09), U. Pavia (2005), U. Rome III (2011), U. Cagliari (2018), U. Cassino (2019)
Japan: Tokyo Inst. Technology (2012), Chuo U. - Tokyo (1990,92,94,95,98,2001,06,10,15), Nihon U. - Tokyo (1990,92,94,95,98,2001,06,10,12,15), Tokai U. (1998), Yokohama U. (2006), Kyushu U. - Fukuoka (1993,95,98), Gifu U.(1993,94,97,98), Kumamoto U. (1993,94,97,98,2005)
Mexico: CINVESTAV - Queretaro (2009)
The Netherlands: T.U. Delft (2002), ASTRON - Dwingeloo (2008), U. Twente (2010)
Poland: Nat. Inst. Telecommunications - Warsaw (1998), U. Wroclaw (2021)
Singapore: National U. Singapore (2003)
Spain: U. Seville (2002), U.P. Cartagena (2013)
Sweden: Royal I.T. - Stockholm (1989), Chalmers I.T. - Gothenburg (2011,15), Linnaeus U. - Vaxjo (2014,15)
Switzerland: E.P.F. Lausanne (1994,95,97,2012)
Turkey: T.U. Istanbul (1991,94,2013), Cukurova U. - Adana (1991,94), Bilkent U. - Ankara (1991,94,96,99,2005,14,16), Gebze I.T. (2000), Erciyes U. - Kayseri (2007), A. Gul U. - Kayseri (2016), Dokuz Eylul U., Ege U. - Izmir (2007), Middle-East T.U. - Ankara (2016)
UK: U. Dundee (2000), U. Nottingham (2001,04,08), Queen's U. Belfast (2004), U. Bristol (2008)
USA: JPL - Pasadena (2006)

2022+ "Journal of Naval Science and Enineering." Turkish Naval Academy Press, Editorial Board member
2022-2023 IEEE AP/MTT/ED/AES/NPS/EMB Societies East Ukraine Joint Chapter Acting Chairman
2019-2026 Adademic Board of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine, elected member (two terms)
2019 Lecturer at the European School on Antennas (ESoA), Florence
2018+ Int'l Journal - "Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics, and Optoelectronics." ISP NASU Press. Editorial Board member
2017-2019 Biennial IEEE Ukraine Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (UKRCON), TPC Co-chair
2016 Keynote speaker at the URSI-Turkey Radio Science Meeting (URSI-Turkey-2016), Ankara
Member of Special Selection Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science, Ukraine
Official reviewer of Ph.D. thesis at DTU, Lyngby
2015 Keynote speaker at the URSI-Japan Radio Science Meeting (URSI-JRSM-2015), Tokyo
Invited foreign speaker at the Japan National Conference on Electromagnetic Theory (NEMT-2015), Miyazaki
2014, 2015 Official reviewer of Licenciate and Ph.D. theses at Linnaeus University, Vaxjo
2012 Official reviewer of Ph.D. thesis at DTU, Lybgby
2010-2015 ESF RNP "Newfocus," guest member of the Steering Committee
2010 Official reviewer of Ph.D. thesis at University of Twente, Twente
2009 Jury member of Ph.D. thesis defense at ENC de Cachan, Cachan
2008+ EurAAP, representative of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova
2007+ IEEE IRE-Kharkiv Student Branch Counselor
2007-2008 IEEE AP/MTT/ED/AES/GRS/NPS/EMB Societies East Ukraine Joint Chapter Chairman
The Chapter was elected the best in the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society in 2007 and the best in the IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Middle East and Africa) in 2008
2007 Official reviewer of Ph.D. thesis at DTU, Lygby
2006-2010 EPSRC-UK, member of the Peer Review College
2006-2008 IEEE AES Society, International Director for operations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe
2005-2006 IEEE AP/MTT/ED/AES/GRS/NPS/EMB Societies East Ukraine Joint Chapter Secretary
The Chapter was elected the best in the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society in 2005
INTAS evaluator
2005+ Member, Optical Society of America
2004-2007 EU Network of Excellence - "Antennas Center of Excellence", member of Scientific Council
2004-2008 Member, Technical Program Committee of the European Microwave Conference
2003+ Member, European Microwave Association
2002 "Journal of Radio Physics and Electronics," N.A. Khizhnyak memorial issue, guest co-editor
Official reviewer of Ph.D. thesis at Universite de Rennes 1, Rennes
2001-2003 EuMA General Assembly, representative of Ukraine, Poland and the Baltics
2001+ Member, Ukrainian Physical Society
2000-2009 Elected member, Scientific Board of IRE NASU
1999 Jury member of Ph.D. thesis defense at Universite de Rennes 1, Rennes
1998-2013 Triennial International Symposium on Physics and Engineering of Microwaves, Millimeter, and Sub-Millimeter Waves (MSMW), Ukraine. Co-organizer
1996-2000 IEEE AP/MTT/ED/AES/GRS/LEO/NPS Societies East Ukraine Joint Chapter secretary
1995+ Int'l Journal - "Microwave and Optical Technology Letters." Editorial Board member
1995 IEEE AP-S East Ukraine Joint Chapter organizer and first chairman
"Transactions of IEICE Electronics - Japan," special issue on EM Theory. Guest co-editor
1994+ Member, IEEE
1992-1994 Int'l Series of Monographs on Advanced Electromagnetics, Science House, Tokyo, Japan. Editorial Board member
1990-2018 Biennial International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetic Theory (MMET), USSR and Ukraine. Organizer, TPC co-chairman

2023 ALLEA EFDP Research Grant to work at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, one year
2022 MURI Visiting Professorship to work at the Politecnico di Torino, six months
2020 Election to OSA Fellow (approved in Sept. 2019), with citation "For the development of a method of analytical regularization to solve radiation, scattering and eigenvalue problems in micro and nano optics"
2018 Solomon I. Pekar Award of NASU in Solid State Physics Theory, with citation "For the development of analytical and numerical methods in the analysis of wave and transformation processes in non-homogeneous and non-equilibrium condenced media," team member
2017 National Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, for the series of works "Photonics of semiconductor and dielectric nanostructures," team member
Galileo Galilei Award and Medal of the International Commission for Optics, with citation “For contribution from fundamental mathematical physics studies to the modeling of actual devices for photonics and optoelectronics under comparatively difficult circumstances”
2015 IRE NASU's 60-th Anniversary Honorable Mention, for the excellence in research and teaching
Title of Docteur Honoris Causa d'Universite de Rennes 1, France for research into electromagnetics and associated numerical methods across wide spectrum of applications and frequencies from microwaves to optics, in collaboration with Universite de Rennes 1 and IETR that started in 1995 and led to 25 joint journal papers, 75 joint papers presented at international conferences, 8 Ph.D. theses, and over 20 joint research projects funded by ESF, NATO, MAEE, MENESR, CNRS, and Region Bretagne.
2012 Election to OSA Senior Member
2009-2010 International Research Chair Professorship from Region Bretagne, to work at the Universite Europeenne de Bretagne, one year
2008 NASU's 90-th Anniversary Honorable Mention, for the excellence in research and teaching
RAE Distinguished Visiting Fellowship, to visit the University of Nottingham, UK, one month
2004-2005 EPSRC Visiting Research Fellowship, to work at the University of Nottingham, UK, seven months
2004 Election to IEEE Fellow via IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (approved in Dec. 2003), with citation "For contributions to the applications of computational electromagnetics to antennas and open waveguides"
2003 NATO Expert Visit Grant, to visit Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, Germany, one month
EECP Visiting Professorship, to visit National University of Singapore, one month
2002 NATO Expert Visit Grant, to visit University of Seville, Spain, one month
2000 NATO Expert Visit Grant, to visit Universite de Rennes 1, France, one month
1997-2000 PAST 3-year Visiting Professorship from MENESR, France to work at the Universite de Rennes 1, four months a year
1997 Research Fellowship from NATO & CNR, Italy to work at the Politecnico di Torino, four months
1995 Election to IEEE Senior Member
1992-1993 Research Fellowship from the Matsumae Foundation, Japan to work at the Kumamoto University, six months
1992 Visiting Professorship from TUBITAK, to work at the Bilkent University, Ankara, six months
1989 Young Scientist Award from KTH, Stockholm to attend the URSI-B Symp. on EM Theory
1988 Award of IRE NASU, Kharkiv for the best paper of the year
1970-1978 B.S, M.S. and Ph.D. scholarships from the Kharkiv National University

List of Publications: Contains 7 book chapters and more than 150 journal papers

12. A.I. Nosich, "Dramatic history and impact of decimeter-wave radar “Zenit” developed in Kharkiv in the 1930s," Proc. Int. Workshop Direct and Inverse Problems of Electromagnetic and Acoustic Wave Theory (DIPED-2017), Dnipro, 2017, pp. 11-14. [pdf]
11. A.I. Nosich, "Method of analytical regularization in computational photonics," Radio Science, vol. 51, no 8, pp. 1421-1430, 2016. [pdf]
10. A.I. Nosich, A.A. Kostenko, "In the labor people's name: development of 60-kW magnetrons in the artificial famine plagued Ukraine in the early 1930s, " Proc. Int. Conf. Origins and Evolution of the Cavity Magnetron (CAVMAG-2010), Bournemouth, 2010, pp. 82-88. [pdf]
9. A.I. Nosich, E.I. Smotrova, S.V. Boriskina, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell, "Trends in microdisk laser research and linear optical modeling" (Invited), Optical and Quantum Electronics, vol. 39, no 15, pp. 1253-1272, 2007. [pdf]
8. A.I. Nosich, "Lasing effect from the viewpoint of mathematical theory of eigenvalue problems for dielectric open resonators," Proc. Int. Conf. Numerical Simulation of Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices (NUSOD-2002), Zurich, pp. 76-77, 2002. [pdf]
7. A.I. Nosich, "Foundations of the theory of open waveguides," J. Telecommunications and Information Technology, Warsaw: NIT Press, no 1-2, pp.42-45, 2000. [pdf]
6. A.I. Nosich, "Method of Analytical Regularization in wave-scattering and eigenvalue problems: foundations and review of solutions," IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine, vol. 42, no 3, pp. 34-49, 1999. [pdf]
5. A.I. Nosich, "Radiation conditions, limiting absorption principle, and general relations in open waveguide scattering," J. Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, vol. 8, no 3, pp. 329-353, 1994. [pdf]
4. A.I. Nosich, "Green's function - dual series approach in wave scattering from combined resonant scatterers," Chapter 9 in M. Hashimoto, M. Idemen, and O.A. Tretyakov (Eds.), Analytical and Numerical Methods in Electromagnetic Wave Theory, Tokyo: Science House Publ., 1993, pp. 419-469. [pdf]
3. A.I. Nosich, "Radiation conditions for open waveguides," Soviet Physics Doklady , vol. 32, no 9, pp. 720-722, 1987. (Sponsored by A.N. Tikhonov) [pdf]
2. A.I. Nosich, "Diffraction radiation which accompanies the motion of charged particles near an open resonator," Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics, vol. 24, no 8, pp. 696-701, 1981. [pdf]
1. A.I. Nosich, V.P. Shestopalov, "An electromagnetic analog of a Helmholtz resonator," Soviet Physics Doklady, vol. 22, no 4, pp. 251-253, 1977. (Sponsored by A.N. Tikhonov) [pdf]

Permanent residence: Ukraine. Was born in 1953 in Kharkiv, Ukraine (then USSR). Separated, two children. Citizenship: Ukrainian

Prof. R. McMillan, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command, Huntsville, AL; FAX: +1-256-955-2231  
Prof. D. Wilton, University of Houston, TX 77204-4793; FAX: +1-713-743-4444  
Prof. T. Benson, University of Nottingham, UK; FAX: +44-115-951-5616 up

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