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Requirements for submitting articles


For IRE employees


For employees of other organizations

1. Preliminary hearing at the thematic



1. Expert's report (for Ukraine citizens)

2. Authors note signed by the seminar supervisor or secretary


2. Letter of referral from the organization

3.  License agreement


3. License agreement


  1. Working languages of the Journal of Radiophysics and Electronics: Russian, Ukrainian or English (optional).
  2. The materials sent to the editorial office should be self-explanatory. The presented manuscript should contain the authors assessment of previous works, the statement of an investigation purpose, the original part and conclusions which ensure the comprehension of obtained results and their novelty. It is necessary to avoid the unsubstantial introduction of new terms and jargon expressions. Abbreviations should be decoded at the first mentioning.
  3. To coordinate the content and the volume of reviews with the Editorial Board it is necessary to provide abstracts and work structure.
  4. Initially the editorial board accepts the article hard copy with single interval and following margins: upper and bottom - 3 cm, right and left - 2.5 cm. The author can file an electronic version at once (see paragraph 7). Article volume should not exceed 9 pages including tables and figures. After reviewing and editing the corrected article is filed to editorial staff on any electronic carrier. The corrected manuscript is also sent back to editorial staff.
  5. Abstract, not more than 15 lines, key words, surnames, initials of the authors and titles of the articles are in Russian, Ukrainian and English. The obligatory presence of the following data: Universal Decimal classification index, name and address of the organization, e-mail.
  6. Text editor - WORD 97-2007 (extension: *.DOC, *.RTF), font - Times New Roman 10, text layout - 2 columns (column width 7.6 cm, space between columns 0.8 cm).
  7. Formula editor: Equation 3.0
  8. Symbols in text:

      latin capitals and small letters, Greek small letters italics;

      chemical elements, Greek capitals, figures even;

      matrix, operators demibold.

    Formulae size: full 10; sub/super 7; sub-sub/super 5; symbol 16; sub-symbol 12.

  9. Figures should be performed in CorelDRAW (*.CDR), Origin (*.OPJ, *.OGG). Figures created in other program packages should be converted in the following formats: (*.GIF), (*.JPG), (*.TIF). Continuous-tone figures should be contrasting. Xerocopies are not allowed.
          Figure size: width - 7.5 cm (for one column). Total height of figures with one caption (Fig. 1, a, b, c,) - 20 cm. Accordingly figure maximum size - 15x20 cm. Font Times new Roman 9.
          Signs on the axes should correspond to signs in the article. Legends, formulae, description elements should be entered in the captions ( 3-4 lines) or in the text. It is recommended to use black and white circles, squares and triangles, dotted lines, dash-and-dot lines, numeration of curves.
  10. At the end of the article the references are inserted in order of their appearance in the text.
  11. Example of references

  12. The following data should be attached to the manuscript: full name, phone number (fax), e-mail. The original of the article is to be signed by all the authors.